Battling depression

Jim Fain

Holidays can be joyous or stressful — sometimes both. Here is a reminder of what you can do about anxiety and depression.

I’m not talking about the occasional blue mood.The symptoms of depression are pretty broad with all patterns having a base of irritability, anxiety and reduced hope. Depression can have big cycles with very high highs and very low lows (bipolar), smaller cycles (cyclothymia), very low lows without cycles (major depression) or a chronic sort of having a wet-blanket- mostly-covering life (dysthymic depression).Seasonal changes because of the loss of sunlight can be a problem as well as not exercising enough. Depression has different sources.

There are physical and emotional causes of depression. Physical causes can be prescribed drugs, unintended drug combinations, recreational drugs, quitting coffee, quitting smoking, chronic aches and pains and too much booze, to list just a few.

Emotional causes mostly have to do with turning the feeling of anger inward and beating yourself up by telling yourself you’re no good or that life is no good.

Sometimes, a gland may not be functioning properly, such as your thyroid, and when estrogens are out of range in both men and women depression and anxiety follow. Lab tests such as TSH (thyroid), estradiol, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone can be easily done to find out if there is a problem.

Some supplements like vitamin D and L-glycine help prevent mood change, especially those connected to not enough sunlight. Several supplements are exceptional in lifting depression. The newest one I’ve found is Uridine, which can lift mood and in many improves mood. The amino acid L-5HTP when given in the proper amount is as effective for many as Prozac without the nasty side effects (just don‘t use it along with Prozac or any of its prescribed cousins). Simply adding a B-complex 100 along with probiotics helps, too. L-theanine is found in wide use in Japan. Benefits include promoting relaxation without drowsiness, improved learning and concentration, reducing stress and anxiety that may set off depression.

There are many ways to deal with depression. No one needs to suffer endlessly, and life is too short not to feel a range of emotions including happiness. Here’s to a Joyous Holiday Season!