Book Review

Books for Pride Month by various authors c.2023, various publishers, various page counts The rainbow flags, the parades and confetti, this time of year makes you want to celebrate Pride Month in any way you can. So why not grab one (or all!) of these great books about LGBTQ history and life? First of all, if you’re heading out — out of state, out of town, out on the town, grab “The Pride Atlas” by Maartje Hensen (Chronicle Books, $30).
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Looking back at the beginning

With the change to The Citizen set for January 1st I thought it fitting to revisit the first Natural Way column published in the very first Citizen newspaper. Here, unchanged is the first and last paragraphs of the original column I think from 1999. Here goes...
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Stay in-season, locally grown

Vegetables are harmful! At least that is what the headline in the newspaper screamed. Beyond the headline for attention was the story of green onions being the common denominator of an outbreak of deadly hepatitis. Trouble is, the green onions weren’t the culprit but rather how they were grown and handled. And that these are out of season.
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I take this every day at 20 mg per day in divided doses. Here is a quick review of a unique supplement. Serrapeptase is an enzyme produced by silkworms. Serrapeptase appears to dissolve all nonliving tissue including blood clots (though it is not a blood thinner), cysts, arterial plaque and inflammation both acute and chronic. In the Med-Line search I did, I found positive reports on the thinning of phlegm, reduction of swelling/carpal tunnel, venous disease (especially leg swelling or varicose veins), fluid build-up (edema), as a very fast anti-inflammatory, pain reduction/ swelling from engorged breasts, as a clot buster and reducing infections especially from bacteria (for instance bladder infection). This information comes from highly credible sources.
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