Endometriosis is very common. Reportedly, this is found in as many as 7 percent of women in the U.S. There is an overproduction and unusual distribution of cells that should be limited to the uterus. These cells can be found almost anyplace inside the body. Trouble is, they remain as active cells and cause a wide range of pain and discomfort. Sometimes, infertility is caused by this disorder. Often, medical treatment is necessary.
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Ridiculous and spiteful

I probably should have expounded more in this space last week on the absurdity of Eureka Springs city attorney Forrest Jacobi attempting to bill the Lovely County Citizen’s parent company, CherryRoad Media, more than $16,000 for the city’s responses to our requests for public information pursuant to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act dating back to 2019.
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A fool’s errand

I jumped the gun in this space a couple of weeks ago, it seems. I only thought Eureka Springs city attorney Forrest Jacobi had come to his senses regarding the city’s attempts to overcharge me for responding to a Freedom of Information Act request.
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