Looking back at the beginning

With the change to The Citizen set for January 1st I thought it fitting to revisit the first Natural Way column published in the very first Citizen newspaper. Here, unchanged is the first and last paragraphs of the original column I think from 1999. Here goes…

“What an exciting time it is in which we live. Just as I sit to write this first column on The Natural Way, I become aware of the awe typifying any new venture. What happens next now that I am aware of the awe depends upon many things. What do I do with this excitement? Do I get anxious and squash the new venture by nay-saying or exclaiming, ‘I tried that 10 years ago and it didn’t work!’ (controlling as a defense against anxiety) or do I muster my courage and engage this new thing. Am I sufficiently supported by the people around me? Am I really and truly supportive of myself? Do I have a strong enough sense that there is something greater than me (faith)? What I do and how I go about doing it now, not only determines my impact on those around me (external world) but also on my internal world. What I’m describing is how community health (those around me) and personal health (my internal world) is connected to my emotions and actions. When I can easily shuttle between my community and internal world, life is terrifi c.

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“Here are some suggestions for active involvement and improvement of health; “1. Be sure that you have enough good, clean water. Also be sure your diet includes 5-9 servings of vegetables each day with a quality source of protein. “2. Keep good sanitation practices in place. “3. Make friends and be involved in your community — show hope and faith. “4. Speak what you think and feel using gentleness as necessary.

“5. Take care of yourself through diet, lifestyle and seek healthcare as you need it.

“6. Exercise, laughter, prayer (meditation), good sleep and an occasional warm cookie are all good for you.

“Trying to control life or the lives of others, removes you from the receipt of the wonderful gift — excitement and awe. Enjoying life in all aspects is the great gift.”

My thank you to all of my loyal readers of about 23 years. Here is to the new and exciting New Year to you and yours.