Rankine receives Civic Star Award from Main Street

Main Street Eureka Springs, an organization working to maintain a vibrant, historic arts community through programming, preservation projects and community development, launched its Civic Star Award at the first Civic Thanks Soup Supper held Tuesday, Nov. 7. The award aims to recognize individuals who make extraordinary contributions to Eureka Springs.

John Rankine was selected as the first recipient of the Civic Star Award for his work championing Eureka Springs as an arts destination and cultivating the community’s creative economy. As the co-owner of Brews, Rankine has provided a platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their work. His curation and mentorship of artists have been instrumental in attracting visitors and new residents to Eureka Springs.

“John’s passion for the arts and his dedication to supporting artists have been invaluable to establishing Eureka Springs as a haven for creativity,” said Jacqueline Wolven, executive director of Main Street Eureka Springs. “His work has rippled through our community, enhancing the quality of life for residents and creating an allure for visitors seeking an authentic artistic experience.”

Beyond curating art shows at Brews every six weeks, Rankine has developed and continued his art career, which local, regional and state organizations have highlighted. His contributions demonstrate the power of individuals to shape community character through the arts. The Civic Star Award recognizes leaders like Rankine who give selflessly to enhance life in Eureka Springs.

The Civic Star Award will be presented throughout November to individuals selected by a committee of Main Street Eureka Springs board members. Each Tuesday evening in November, they are hosting a Civic Thanks Soup Supper from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in their studio space at 125 Spring St. This free, family-friendly drop-in dinner aims to invite the public into the organization, enjoy a bit of community, and celebrate the chosen Civic Star.

Upcoming Civic Star Awards will be given to Jeremy Wilson for his work in the gardens downtown, Dee Bright for her work continuing the Tour of Homes, and Jean Elderwind for her work behind the scenes at several nonprofits. Civic Star Awards will then be a more extensive program in 2024, with the public able to nominate those they see shining in our community.