Study to focus on city’s walkability

In a bid to enhance pedestrian experiences and foster a more walkable community, Eureka Springs has announced the launch of a comprehensive data collection study commencing April 3 and continuing through June 15.

Aligned with the spirit of National Walking Day, this initiative is a collaborative effort led by the Eureka Springs Planning Commission, Eureka Springs Historic District Commission, Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission and Main Street Eureka Springs.

The study invites community members to participate actively by walking throughout the city and providing valuable feedback on their experiences. Participants will be equipped with specially designed worksheets to document their observations during the walk. These forms will be readily available throughout the community. They can be conveniently dropped off at the designated collection point — the Big Red Mailbox at 125 Spring St. in front of Main Street Works.

“This initiative underscores our commitment to creating a more pedestrian- friendly environment in Eureka Springs,” said Susan Harman, chair of the Eureka Springs Planning Commission. “By engaging the community in this data collection effort, our City Commissions can use citizen perspectives and insights that are crucial to developing a robust Walkability Plan and overall Vision Plan for Eureka Springs.”

Upon the study’s conclusion in August, the collected data will be meticulously analyzed and presented to the city and the community. Subsequently, stakeholders will embark on a collaborative journey to formulate a comprehensive Walkability Plan tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of Eureka Springs.

“We are excited about the possibilities this study holds for enhancing connectivity and accessibility within our community,” said Jacqueline Wolven, executive director of Main Street Eureka Springs. “By harnessing the collective wisdom of our residents, we aim to chart a path towards a more vibrant and walkable Eureka Springs. The feedback and participation can truly make a difference in shaping our community’s future.”

“Including the in-town trail system into the walkability study will help the Parks Commission understand how those trails are being used by the community,” said Sam Dudley, Eureka Springs parks and recreation director. “We know they are being used, but getting some actual data about how they are serving the community will help us develop plans for maintenance and improvement.”

The Eureka Springs Walkability Launch will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday, April 3, at 51 S. Main. Celebrate National Walking Day and learn about the data collection process to get started in your neighborhood.

For further information and updates on the Walkability Data Collection Study, please visit espreservation. org, or or contact Kyle Palmer, director of planning and community development, Historic District Commission, at 479253-9703.