No charges to be filed in fatal shooting

No criminal charges will be filed in a shooting incident that resulted in the death of a local woman, according to Berryville police chief Robert Bartos.

In a May 28 news release, Bartos said a thorough investigation into the shooting, which occurred at about 1:30 p.m. Saturday, May 18, at the AutoZone store at 501 W. Trimble Ave. in Berryville, revealed that at approximately 10:30 a.m. that day, Izamar Paz and an unnamed male associate went to the AutoZone store. Paz waited outside, according to Bartos, while the male went inside and made threats to Dayton Lawrence, a store employee.

“The male told Dayton that he would be back when Dayton got off of work and made a gesture with his hand leading Dayton to believe that the individual was armed with a handgun,” the news release says.

Paz and the associate left and met with another individual to make plans to fight Lawrence when he got off work, the news release says, adding that they planned to bring a firearm because they thought Lawrence might be armed.

“When Dayton got off of work, the three individuals were waiting for him in the parking lot and approached him at the front doors of the business,” the news release says. “Dayton got into a physical altercation with the two males, and Izamar walked up from the side. Dayton and Izamar drew their handguns and fired at each other. Izamar was struck multiple times by bullets and was transported to Mercy Hospital in Berryville, where she was pronounced dead. Dayton was not injured.

“Investigators met with the Carroll County Prosecutor’s Office, and at this time, no criminal charges are being filed on any of the individuals involved.”

According to an obituary, Paz was 21.