Pet of the Week: Prince Charming

Greetings, I’m Prince Charming, the bravest, most independent feline you’ll ever meet. I once scaled a 10-foot fence, just to retrieve a rogue mouse. Ended up in this shelter after a hilarious misadventure involving a cheese wheel, a mouse and a very surprised mailman. Let’s just say, he won’t be delivering mail to that house again! I’m quite the mouser, if you hadn’t gathered. I’m also great company, even if I do say so myself. If you’re looking for a cat who can take care of himself and keep you entertained, I’m your guy! Meet me seven days a week at the Good Shepherd Humane Society Adoption Center, 6486 Highway 62 West, Eureka Springs. The adoption center’s telephone number is 479-253-9188. (Photo courtesy of Good Shepherd Humane Society)