Eureka Springs Elementary School Art Show

Eureka Springs Elementary School art teacher Shelby Chappell is a curator of art. She has a surplus of young talent at her fingertips, and there are at least as many willing patrons for their works.

On the night of Friday, May 3, the teacher, her students and their biggest fans came together for a night of enjoyment. The occasion was the school’s annual kindergarten-through-fourth grade art show. More than 200 people attended, and the kids went home with fresh flowers from Chappell as symbols of her appreciation.

Tables in the cafeteria and classrooms held big colored chalk “crayons,” colored sand carefully tilted in tiny glass bottles, watercolor butterflies and inspirational landscapes and portraits.

Chappell started the art shows when she became a teacher at Eureka Springs Elementary in 2017.

“I usually spend the school year thinking about what type of art to showcase and I begin prepping art for the show in January,” Chappell said.

Some children have multiple generations of their family in attendance at the recent show. Their expressions – if not the artwork – were priceless.

“It is amazing seeing the faces of students going ‘Oh wow!’ and ‘Look, that’s mine!’ and get so excited about what they have made,” Chappell said. “I love giving the students this opportunity to show off their talents and to have pride for the work they produce.”

Chappell remains inspired by her own elementary art teacher, who gave her confidence that “anyone can create art.

“Everything that supports a child’s learning is important,” she said. “We are so lucky to live in such a strong art-focused community, and I believe that Eureka Springs Schools reflect and support the importance of fine arts.”