Pet of the Week: Lady

Hello, I’m Lady! I’m your perfect canine athlete! My journey to the shelter? Oh, it’s a hoot! See, I was living with this yoga enthusiast, and boy, did I love her yoga mat. One day, I decided to show her my version of “downward dog.” Let’s just say, yoga mats aren’t chew-proof! Oops! Now, I’m here, wowing everyone with my smarts and energy. If you’re looking for a loyal friend who can outwit any puzzle toy and turn a mundane walk into an adventure, then I’m your gal! I am a 4-year-old female terrier with a zest for life. Meet me seven days a week from noon to 5 p.m. at the Good Shepherd Humane Society Adoption Center, 6486 Highway 62 West, Eureka Springs. The adoption center’s telephone number is 479-253-9118.