Support your fire department auxiliary

At Eureka Springs Hospital, we are gearing up for one of the most exciting events of the year: the Holiday Island Fire Department Auxiliary Golf Tournament. The hospital has sponsored a hole at the tournament for many years, and we’re excited to keep supporting the auxiliary on Saturday, June 22.

It is always a joy to visit with the golfers as they stop by, usually taking an ice-cold bottle of water or a salty snack from our table. I love hearing how happy they are to see us there. Through our golf tournament sponsorship, the hospital has been completely embraced by golfers, firefighters, EMS personnel and auxiliary members.

“I’m so glad to see the hospital here,” a golfer said at my first tournament in 2022. “We appreciate y’all.”

Well, we feel the exact same way about our local fire departments and the auxiliaries that support them. Their impact on our community is immeasurable, and we absolutely could not do what we do without their quick, trained response to medical emergencies.

But it’s not just medical emergencies. At the Holiday Island Fire Department Auxiliary Luncheon on May 28, Fire Chief Randy Ates talked about the department’s response to the storms that ravaged Northwest Arkansas only a couple days earlier.

Randy said the firefighters worked tirelessly to remove trees and debris from roads, all the while checking on folks who were affected by the storms. He also said that the fire department depends on volunteer firefighters, and there is a nationwide shortage of volunteers. They’re doing a fantastic job with what they’ve got, but I did want to pass Randy’s message on to y’all in case you’d be interested in volunteering.

While I love everything I do through my job, those in-person events like auxiliary meetings and the golf tournament are extra special. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, to learn their story — what brought them to Carroll County? What kind of services does our hospital provide to help them and their families?

You never hear it so clear as when you’re talking with someone over a wonderful, home-cooked meal – which the auxiliary meetings have in abundance. I look forward to having more conversations like that in the future, and I’m so thankful to everyone who takes the time to chat.

If you’re signed up for the golf tournament on June 22, I can’t wait to see you! We will have cold water, snacks and hospital swag to hand out all day. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Holiday Island Fire Department Auxiliary for giving us the opportunity to sponsor their fundraiser.

We are honored to support the firefighters and EMS personnel that support us. Together, we take care of our community. And at Eureka Springs Hospital, that’s one thing we never forget.

••• Samantha Jones is marketing director for Eureka Springs Hospital. You can reach her by calling 479-253-7400 ext. 4802 or emailing